Joint Meeting of the Petaluma City Council and Climate Action Commission Today, Monday, Jan. 11, 2020 at 6 pm

Join the community of Petaluma this evening at 6 pm for a joint meeting of the Petaluma City Council and Climate Action Commission. You can find the agenda for this meeting here and also on the City of Petaluma website. All public meetings continue to take place remotely, via Zoom. You can observe and participate via this link.

At this meeting the Council will be receiving a staff report on the Climate Action Commission’s Climate Emergency Framework (CEF), followed by consideration of a resolution adopting that CAF, which will include a list of priority actions for the city. That list of action items includes:

  • An invitation to California Native peoples to join the conversation
  • Adoption of 2030 as the City’s target date for carbon neutrality
  • Adoption of the CEF as a guide for City planning and other purposes
  • Adoption of the CEF as a framework for the new General Plan update
  • Adoption of a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) policy consistent with the 2030 carbon neutrality goal
  • Adoption of a natural gas ban on new construction and a policy to phase-in energy retrofits for existing buildings
  • and much more

See the agenda for full details and for other means of viewing this meeting, including via Comcast channel 28, broadcast thanks to Petaluma Community Access.



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