The Raucous Rooster is an independent, unconventional Sonoma County press devoted to the creation of a truly sustainable foodshed and a participatory democracy.

It is also, quite simply, a document of an extraordinary moment in human history.

The late Australian sociologist Alex Carey – to whom Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky dedicated their landmark work on propaganda, media, and democracy, The Manufacture of Consent – suggested that the 20th century was characterized by three developments of great political importance:

  • the growth of democracy
  • the growth of corporate power
  • the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power from democracy

Believing Mr. Carey’s assessment to have considerable but largely unrecognized merit, the Raucous Rooster seeks to exercise and stretch that democratic muscle, and pursue a course in continuing civic education and intellectual self defense. Such an effort is an absolute necessity in an age when corporations have been granted the rights of people, whose protected speech is expressed in dollars.

Corporate propaganda is intrinsic to American-style democracy in the 21st century and must be countered by engaged democrats everywhere. To that end, this Rooster will crow ad nauseum and at ungodly hours.

It will do so frequently and loudly in support of small-scale farming using agroecological methods, an essential element of preparations for the end of the Age of Oil and a crucial means of mitigating climate change.

Christopher Fisher is the editor of and primary contributor to the Raucous Rooster, not to mention its publisher and chief correspondent. He occasionally takes out the trash around here as well.


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