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Why Are We Being Fed By A Poison Expert?

Published June 5 by The Undercurrent.

Is the ‘old’ Monsanto, the one responsible for producing Agent Orange, PCB’s and DDT and a terrible record at covering up and denying the tragedies that have resulted from their use, the same as the ‘new’ Monsanto, the one at the forefront of research in plant gene technology? We argue their scientific and ethical track record is entirely relevant to what they do today.
And what they do today is control a huge portion of the crop seeds that feed the world. We’ve had a great deal of feedback, with some viewers suggesting that some of the negative comments may be attributed to ‘astroturfing’. Regardless, we welcome spirited, cordial discussion. Monsanto have asked for a right of reply, which we will post when we receive.

The Monsanto Years – On Tour With Neil Young

Published on Jan 27, 2016 by Hollywood Food Guild

A behind the scenes look of Neil Young + The Promise of the Real’s “The Monsanto Years” Tour.

For years, Neil Young has used his voice through his music for social justice issues, working specifically as a strong ally for farmers. This past year, Young released his newest album titled The Monsanto Years, calling out Monsanto as one of the the most harmful corporations in human history (along with Syngenta, Dow, Dupont and Bayer). Together these corporations control seed production and have created patents on their genetically engineered (GE) seed, taking away the farmers’ right to save their own seed. These companies’ GE crops have increased the use of pesticides by hundreds of millions of pounds, and next generation GE crops will further increase pesticide usage of even stronger, more toxic herbicides.

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Neil starts his International Tour this summer 2016.

Lipstick on a Pig – Corporate AgroChem Guides Industrial Ag’s Next Makeover

The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) has collaborated with the Food52 cooking website to craft a series of videos about what it’s like to farm and practice animal husbandry in the U.S. According to Food52, the purpose of the series was simply “to talk with farmers and ranchers across the country about what goes into…

Monsanto Provides the Funds, Prof. Bruce Chassy the Academic Gravitas – a Public Relations Collaboration

Research and reporting by Carey Gillam at U.S. Right to Know. Read at the source. “The collaborations come at a critical juncture in the United States regarding GMO public policy. Mandatory GMO labeling is set to take effect in Vermont on July 1; Congress is wrestling over a federal labeling law for GMOs; and several…

Bringing the Seeds of Justice to Monsanto – Coralie Schaub in Liberation

From the French newspaper, Liberation – via the Organic Consumers Association, a report on the recently-announced Monsanto Tribunal, scheduled for October 2016.   Bringing the Seeds of Justice to Monsanto December 2, 2015 Libération by Coralie Schaub As the world looks to the COP 21 to save the climate, and the future of life on…

Monsanto Tribunal To Be Held October 2016 – Press Release

Press release from the Organic Consumers Association: Global Food, Farming and Environmental Justice Groups Send Monsanto to a Tribunal for Crimes Against Human Health and the Environment in International People’s Court in The Hague PARIS, Dec. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Organic Consumers Association (OCA), IFOAM International Organics, Navdanya, Regeneration International (RI), and Millions Against Monsanto,…