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Michael Moore just exploded the right’s biggest lie – Salon

Sophia A. McClennen reviews Michael Moore’s new film, Where to Invade Next. Published Christmas Day at Salon. Republicans have hid shamefully behind the patriotism and the flag. Michael Moore just upended the whole scheme SOPHIA A. MCCLENNEN FRIDAY, DEC 25, 2015 03:58 PM PST Michael Moore’s new film, “Where to Invade Next,” is sure to…

Prioritize Democracy! Let’s Celebrate on Election Day 2016 – Join the Campaign to Make it a Federal Holiday

Demand a 2016 Election Day Holiday! Add your name President Obama, I urge you to use your authority to make the November 8th, 2016, Election Day a one-time federal holiday. As you know, our democracy is in crisis. Fewer than 40% of Americans voted in our last midterm election, and our overall turnout rarely breaks…

Canadians Dump The Last Remnant of George W. Bush in North America

Canadian Election Coverage Democracy Now!: Canadians Oust Stephen Harper, Right-Wing PM Who Ignored Climate Change & Shunned First Nations Canadian voters have unseated right-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper after nearly a decade in office. In a surprise result following the closest election campaign in recent history, the centrist Liberals jumped from third place to a…

John Nichols of The Nation on Elizabeth Warren’s Black Lives Matter Speech

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Black Lives Matter. Black Citizens Matter. Black Families Matter.’ In a landmark speech, Warren proposes a progressive politics that protects black people from violence, ensures access to the ballot box, and builds economic opportunity. Read it at The Nation. Watch Elizabeth Warren’s presentation or read the transcript.

Composting for Progressive Movements & Challenging Sonoma County’s Corporate Power Structure. A Presentation by Norman Solomon

On June 20, 2015 the Coalition for Grassroots Progress (CGP) hosted an event at Heidi Overman’s lovely restaurant and catering venue, Fourchette, in an industrial business park at the northern end of Petaluma, California. Some may know the site as the former location of Lydia’s Sunflower Center. The event was an organized for two purposes:…

Jon Stewart’s Democalypse 2016 & The Great Fellatiator: What Would We Do Without Donald Trump?

Jon Stewart not only raises the question of what we would do without Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign to entertain us.

He also makes you wonder what we’ll do without Stewart around to help us laugh at the absurdity that is our electoral campaign process.