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A Company Town No More: Richmond Progressives Visit Petaluma to Discuss Their Grassroots Victory Over Chevron

Grassroots political organizing managed to put the people back in the political process in last year’s election, resoundingly beating one of the most profitable corporate behemoths on the planet, which had spent an unprecedented $3 million dollars in the city of Richmond to elect corporate-friendly candidates. How did Richmond progressives do it and can their…

1988 Presidential Forum on Agriculture and Rural Life

The 1988 Presidential Forum on Agriculture and Rural Life

January 23, 1988. Ames, Iowa.

The Democratic Party had five candidates who supported substantial reform of U.S. agricultural policy in order to safeguard the interests of small family farmers. The reforms in mind that year were most prominently embodied by legislation introduced by one of those candidates, Richard Gephardt – the Save the Family Farm bill, also known as the Harkin-Gephardt Farm Bill.

Courtesy of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Grassroots Group Petaluma Tomorrow Asks Voters to Take a Deeper Look at Mike Harris

Local grassroots, public interest group, Petaluma Tomorrow, has published a detailed look into Petaluma City Councilman Mike Harris’s campaign to unseat David Glass as Mayor of Petaluma. The piece concludes by quoting the Press Democrat’s editorial on the campaign: “[Harris] has done little to distinguish himself as a leader on the council…” and “[Harris] fails…

Petaluma Councilmember Mike “Incremental Gains” Harris Has His Spinal Tap Moment

Petaluma Pete (a.k.a. John Maher of Maher Marketing), among everyone’s favorite ambassadors of our little big town, scored big-time this week after interviewing the 2014 mayoral candidates – City Councilmember Mike Harris and current Mayor David Glass – and posting the resulting video on YouTube. Pete came up with a clever means to get relatively…