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Don’t Drink the Water by Jay McGee of Flint, Michigan

I remember being shocked and appalled at our government’s racist and wholly inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina. It truly shook me to think that we would allow so many of our people to be ignored, mistreated and deprived of their fundamental human rights.

The Flint, Michigan story is no less shocking. Access to clean water is a universal human right, and in California it’s also required by law. Not in Michigan though.

Here’s a new tune from Jay McGee of Flint, who’s hoping to prevent the issue from being relegated to the backburner of our news cycle this election year.

Petaluma Grange to Propose One-Year Moratorium on Pesticide Use in Petaluma Parks Tonight

A message from Petaluma Grange President Tiffany Renée: We invite the public to attend in support of our public comment at the Petaluma City Council Meeting at 7pm on March 21, and stand up in favor of the Petaluma Grange’s proposed one-year moratorium on pesticide use in Petaluma’s parks, public spaces, and rights of way.…

USDA & EPA Have Much More to Do to Protect Bee Populations – GAO Report

According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have yet to adequately address threats to bee populations in the U.S., as directed by the 2015 White House Pollinator Health Task Force.

The USDA has not yet developed a plan for the monitoring of wild, native bee populations, and the EPA has not yet collected data on commonly used pesticide mixtures in order to assess their risks, according to the report. Read the full report here. Highlights document below.

GAO Bee Report

Michigan Republican Party in Panic Over Flint Water Poisoning – Quick, Blame Obama!

It appears the Michigan Republican Party is beginning to realize there will be political repercussions due to the poisoning of the City of Flint’s water supply and subsequent cover up.

Read Eclecta Blog’s take on the new development.

The Facebook comments on the Michigan GOP’s attempt to divert blame for the water crisis are well worth a look.




Flint Whistleblowers Who Exposed Their Poisoned Water: We’re Just Getting Started

Long before the state declared an emergency in Flint, Michigan, a pastor, a mother, and an attorney teamed up to reveal the state’s lies about their drinking water. by Larry Gabriel. Posted Feb 02, 2016 The actions of a small group of dedicated activists in the Coalition for Clean Water led to the revelation that Flint, Michigan,…

Groups File Federal Lawsuit to Secure Safe Drinking Water in Flint

via the ACLU of Michigan.     FLINT. January 27, 2016 – A coalition of local citizens and national groups filed suit today to ask a federal court to step in and secure access to safe drinking water for the people of Flint, Michigan. Alleging violations of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, the complaint was filed…

Jerry Brown’s Loving Embrace of Oil & Gas Industry – ‘Climate Leadership’ Post-COP21

While exceedingly eager to accept credit for California’s climate leadership at the recent COP21 talks in Paris, Governor Jerry Brown’s actual record on climate policy has been considerably less appealing to climate activists than one might realize by reading and watching the mainstream press. Here are a few news items that observers of California’s climate policy…