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Acclaimed Farmer Eliot Coleman on The Adventure of Organic Farming – by Tuning In to Mother Nature, We Were Unstoppable

The Gerritsen family of Wood Prairie Farm shared this remarkable, must-read presentation by Eliot Coleman, author and proprietor with wife Barbara Damrosch of Four Season Farm in Harborside, Maine. Coleman gave this presentation at the Mid-America Organic Association Conference held in Kansas City the last week of January, 2017. – RR A partial bio of…

Community Alliance with Family Farmers and the Farmer’s Guild Join Forces

Evan Wiig delivered some very exciting news last week, announcing that two exceptional family farm and sustainable agriculture advocacy organizations – the Farmer’s Guild and the Community Alliance with Family Farms – will be joining forces. Read on for Wiig’s announcement. – RR Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and Farmers Guild Merge to Create United…

Five Ways Every County Can Help Bay Area Farms and Ranches – Greenbelt Alliance

Here’s a very interesting new Greenbelt Alliance report that highlights ways local governments can help promote, invest in and maintain local agriculture. The ‘Homegrown’ report and text below were written by the Greenbelt Alliance: Five Ways Every County Can Help Bay Area Farms and Ranches The Bay Area has lost 217,000 acres of farms and ranches over…

1912 Campaign: Teddy Roosevelt Calls for a Greater Social Contract with Farmers

“There is no body of our people whose interests are more inextricably interwoven with the interests of all the people than is the case with the farmers.” – Teddy Roosevelt, radical advocate for family farmers, land stewardship, and government regulation of special interest groups

“So long as the farmer leaves cooperative activities with their profit sharing to the city man of business, so long will the foundations of wealth be undermined and the comforts of enlightenment be impossible in the country communities.”

Join Us for the Feb. 19 Launch of Farmster Community Farming Project

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Join us on February 19th, at Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park for a Community Gathering and the Launch of Farmster’s Community Farm Project. LIVE


Friday, February 19at 9 PM – 1 AM in PST
Sally Tomatoes
1100 Valley House Dr, Rohnert Park, California 94928

Facebook event page

Cast Your Vote for the Farmers Guild Awards – Nominations Due Tomorrow!

Message from the Farmer’s Guild: Every February, at the annual Farmers Guild-Raising, our community recognizes individuals making a difference by contributing to a stronger local food economy, promoting food justice and empowering a new generation of agrarians. If you know someone deserving of such acknowledgement, use the form below to nominate one or several people from…

Fresh Eggs from Pastured Petaluma Hens at Oasis Community Farm

The Raucous Rooster paid a visit to Petaluma Grange VP Connie Madden and partner Wayne Morgenthaler’s Oasis Community Farm yesterday and found them with a surplus of fresh eggs from their flock of pastured chickens. Oasis normally sells eggs for $7/dozen but the hens have been particularly busy over the winter and for the time…