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Senator Wolk: Let’s Stop Treating Farm Workers as Second-Class Citizens

From the Courage Campaign: For nearly 100 years, farm workers have been treated as second-class citizens and denied fair overtime pay after eight hours of hard work.(1) And there’s a critical bill headed to the California State Senate floor — Assembly Bill 1066 (Gonzalez) — that would right this wrong and finally acknowledge the financial hardships…

Greening the Revolution – Watch the Complete Film

A high-definition documentary explores the far-reaching effects of international food injustice, from world hunger to the consumption of industrial food. Using food as a symbol of inequality, we explain and expose the corrupt cycle of globalization that perpetuates systems of poverty and oppressive social control. We then present hope: successful, sustainable communities achieving food justice and freedom through the power of the people.

Filmed in India, Kenya, Zambia, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and the United States.


Poultry Industry Gathering on Sustainability Fails to Invite the Experts

This piece originally appeared at Food Safety News. Poultry industry sustainability workshop excludes everyone who matters to sustainability by Leah Garces, Compassion in World Farming USA Director This week, the US. Poultry & Egg Association, the National Chicken Council, and the National Turkey Federation, will host a U.S. Poultry Industry Sustainability Workshop on May 24th and…

Five Ways Every County Can Help Bay Area Farms and Ranches – Greenbelt Alliance

Here’s a very interesting new Greenbelt Alliance report that highlights ways local governments can help promote, invest in and maintain local agriculture. The ‘Homegrown’ report and text below were written by the Greenbelt Alliance: Five Ways Every County Can Help Bay Area Farms and Ranches The Bay Area has lost 217,000 acres of farms and ranches over…

What Does Climate Change Have to Do With Hunger in America?

via The Nation magazine – Published on Dec 14, 2015

On October 27, 2015, the Sacramento Public Library hosted a discussion in honor of The Nation’s 150th anniversary. In this recording, you’ll see Nation contributor Sasha Abramsky expose just how many Americans go hungry every day in a country that produces more food than any other. Nation environment correspondent Mark Hertsgaard unravels the myth of food scarcity in the face of climate change. Amber Stott, director of Sacramento’s Food Literacy Center reveals how malnutrition in our own backyards are making children susceptible to previously adult diseases. Chanowk Yisrael, founder of Yisrael Family Urban Farm, outlines his transition from the tech industry to urban agriculture, and the impact of gentrification on food deserts. Lesley McClurg, food and sustainability reporter for Capital Public Radio, moderates the conversation.

Petaluma slaughterhouse co-owner sentenced to one year in prison

Rancho Feeding Corp. co-owner sentenced to one year in prison Robert Digitale, Press Democrat, February 10, 2016 Jesse “Babe” Amaral Jr., the Rancho Feeding slaughterhouse owner whose sale of meat from condemned and uninspected cattle lead to a nationwide food recall two years ago, on Wednesday was sentenced to one year in federal prison and…