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After Paris & COP21 – Will BAAQMD Allow Air Pollution to Rise? Big Meeting Dec. 16

As Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) member Teresa Barrett has repeatedly reminded us at Petaluma City Hall, where she is entering her tenth year on the Petaluma City Council, there is a very important vote coming up at the BAAQMD meeting tomorrow, December 16, 2015, as the twenty-two members of the district consider…

With U.S. Support, Saudi-led Airstrikes Have Killed Thousands of Yemeni Civilians

Human Rights Watch:

Published on Nov 27, 2015
The Saudi Arabia-led coalition carrying out attacks against the Houthis in Yemen has failed to investigate its apparently unlawful airstrikes that have killed hundreds of civilians. The United States is also obligated to investigate attacks in which it played a role that allegedly violated the laws of war.

Human Rights Watch examines in detail 10 apparently unlawful coalition airstrikes that killed at least 309 civilians and wounded more than 414 between April and August 2015. According to the United Nations, most of the 2,600 civilian deaths since the coalition began its military campaign against the Houthis in late March have been from coalition airstrikes. Human Rights Watch is unaware of any investigations by Saudi Arabia, other coalition members, or the US into these or other allegedly unlawful strikes, or of any compensation for victims or their families.

Sign the Soil Not Oil Pledge & Spread the Word

A Message from the Soil Not Oil Coalition: Dear Friends and Allies, Building off the momentum from the success of the Soil Not Oil Conference, we are reaching out to invite you to support THE SOIL NOT OIL PLEDGE, as part of our ongoing campaign in defense of soils worldwide. (Please forward widely) Original Authors: Dr. Vandana…

Keystone Off The Table, But Back East, Pipeline Fight Builds

Via Popular Resistance: Keystone Off The Table, But Back East, Pipeline Fight Builds RESIST! PIPELINES By The Associated Press, November 10th, 2015 ROCKY MOUNT, Va. — Carolyn and Ian Reilly and their four children left Florida’s sprawl in 2010 to farm 58 acres in rural Virginia, raising beef cattle, chicken and hogs. Then a…