When Insurers Find GMOs an Extreme Risk & USDA Can’t Determine Contamination Methods, it’s Time for Sonoma County to Take Precautions

Sonoma County – Food & Ag Mecca Organic and conventional farmers in Sonoma County alike have been expressing increasing concern about how best to protect their farms and livelihoods from genetic contamination for many years. Along with allied environmentalists and a broad group of advocates and consumers, conventional farmers opposed to genetically-modified technology and their…

Yes on M – GMO Free Sonoma County

The Yes on M, GMO Free Sonoma County campaign published this video on November 2. The Raucous Rooster supports the campaign to keep Sonoma County free of GMO contamination, and urges you to vote ‘yes’ on Measure M. Dow Chemical, Monsanto, BASF, Syngenta, the California Farm Bureau and many others have donated upwards of $100,000 to defeat this ballot measure. RR does not believe these biotech & agrochemical companies are acting in the public’s interest. Protect Sonoma County’s thriving organic & non-GMO family farms – vote Yes on Measure M.

Published on Nov 2, 2016

Our local farmers grow some of the highest quality foods and agricultural products in the world, in communities across Sonoma County.

Sonoma County products are nationally and internationally recognized for their high quality and purity.

The vast majority of Sonoma County farmers grow crops that have not been genetically engineered. However, as more genetically engineered (GE/GMO) crops and grasses are introduced, they will pose a real threat to the livelihood of our local farmers. Genetically engineered plant pollen and seed cannot be contained when grown in open fields. They are carried by the wind, bees and on the fur of animals, contaminating neighboring farms and pastures. It’s that simple. Our local farmers have the right to grow the crops they choose. If more than a trace (.9%) of a farmer’s crop is contaminated, it is illegal for that farmer to sell or save the seed, and according to U.S. patent law, it belongs to the corporation holding the patent on the seeds. This ballot measure is all about protecting the right of local farmers to continue growing traditional crops without the fear of having them compromised.

Santa Cruz, Marin, Mendocino, Trinity, and Humboldt Counties have had similar measures to protect their local farms in place for up to 11 years with no costs to county or taxpayers. Their prohibitions are working as intended. Ours will too!

Phone Bank for Measure M – Protect Family Farms from GMO Contamination

A Message from Pamm Larry and the Yes on M Campaign: In an article in the Press Democrat weeks ago, the Sonoma County Farm Bureau said they were not going to launch an opposition campaign to Measure M. Guess what?  Well…as usual, they “misrepresented” themselves.Again. They just opened a PAC with virtually the same name…

Despite Unprecedented Political, Financial & Corporate Support, Golden Rice Remains a Failure 20 Years Later

via Independent Science News: Millions Spent, No One Served: Who Is to Blame for the Failure of GMO Golden Rice? August 10, 2016  by Angelika Hilbeck and Hans Herren The recent Nobel laureates’ letter accusing Greenpeace of a “crime against humanity” for opposing genetically modified (GMO) golden rice reveals a deep division not only between…

Obama Betrays Consumers, Signs Sham GMO Labeling Bill

Here’s the recent press release from the Organic Consumers Association’s Katherine Paul about the very industry-friendly GMO labeling bill that President Obama signed, which – quite intentionally – will not label most GMOs. Interestingly, when featured over at Common Dreams, the same press release cut President Obama considerably more slack, and dramatically altered the release’s apparent…

Farmers’ Organic Seed Group Dumps Organic Trade Assoc. Membership Over Monsanto-Backed GMO Bill

Press Release from the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association: ORGANIC FARMER GROUP Dumps ORGANIC TRADE ASSOCIATION OSGATA Cites Betrayal Over Monsanto-Backed GMO LABELING BILL Washington, ME, July 13, 2016   By a unanimous vote of its Board of Directors, the organic farmer-controlled Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) has withdrawn its membership from…

Why Are We Being Fed By A Poison Expert?

Published June 5 by The Undercurrent.

Is the ‘old’ Monsanto, the one responsible for producing Agent Orange, PCB’s and DDT and a terrible record at covering up and denying the tragedies that have resulted from their use, the same as the ‘new’ Monsanto, the one at the forefront of research in plant gene technology? We argue their scientific and ethical track record is entirely relevant to what they do today.
And what they do today is control a huge portion of the crop seeds that feed the world. We’ve had a great deal of feedback, with some viewers suggesting that some of the negative comments may be attributed to ‘astroturfing’. Regardless, we welcome spirited, cordial discussion. Monsanto have asked for a right of reply, which we will post when we receive.