Fear & Loathing, but Questionable Dynamic Foresight on the Petaluma Campaign Trail, 2018

Though we were unable to spend much time covering the 2018 Petaluma election campaign, we do feel obliged to touch upon it briefly before moving on to the 2020 electoral cycle already underway. It was, after all, the end of a significant era in Petaluma politics and culture, and the birth of an exciting new…

Michigan Republican Party in Panic Over Flint Water Poisoning – Quick, Blame Obama!

It appears the Michigan Republican Party is beginning to realize there will be political repercussions due to the poisoning of the City of Flint’s water supply and subsequent cover up.

Read Eclecta Blog’s take on the new development.

The Facebook comments on the Michigan GOP’s attempt to divert blame for the water crisis are well worth a look.