Global hunger rising again, driven by conflict and climate change – UN report

via the UN News Service: 15 September 2017 – The number of people hungry around the world is up for the first time in more than a decade, says a new United Nations report issued today, pointing to violent conflicts and climate change as the major drivers. “This has set off alarm bells we cannot…

What Does Climate Change Have to Do With Hunger in America?

via The Nation magazine – Published on Dec 14, 2015

On October 27, 2015, the Sacramento Public Library hosted a discussion in honor of The Nation’s 150th anniversary. In this recording, you’ll see Nation contributor Sasha Abramsky expose just how many Americans go hungry every day in a country that produces more food than any other. Nation environment correspondent Mark Hertsgaard unravels the myth of food scarcity in the face of climate change. Amber Stott, director of Sacramento’s Food Literacy Center reveals how malnutrition in our own backyards are making children susceptible to previously adult diseases. Chanowk Yisrael, founder of Yisrael Family Urban Farm, outlines his transition from the tech industry to urban agriculture, and the impact of gentrification on food deserts. Lesley McClurg, food and sustainability reporter for Capital Public Radio, moderates the conversation.

Hungry in Paradise – a Documentary Film on Hunger in Marin County by Paul Colardo

Press Release March 9, 2016 Media Contacts:    Paul Colardo, (415) 246-7090, Marv Zauderer, (415) 997-9830, SAN RAFAEL, CA – The documentary “Hungry in Paradise,” accessible free of charge on’s website, shows children, seniors, and families struggling with hunger in Marin – one of the U.S.’ wealthiest counties – and shows participants in…

National Commission on Hunger Recommends Excluding Sugar-Sweetened Beverages from SNAP Purchases – ABA Comes Out Swinging

The National Commission on Hunger has released its final report, which is available to read here. The bipartisan composition of the Commission – half its ten members were appointed by congressional Republicans, the other half by Democrats – may lend its recommendations more weight than would normally be the case, which may explain why the American…