Petaluma Vigil: Love is Stronger than the KKK (and Nazis) – Saturday, August 19

Vigil: Love is Stronger than the KKK (and Nazis) When:  Saturday, August 19 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm Where: EAST side of Petaluma at the corner of North McDowell and East Washington We gather to resist Trump and our nation’s creep toward fascism. We gather in honor of peaceful protestor Heather Heyer, and all who have been murdered, raped…

Barbara Lee’s Amendment to Repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force Passed by House Appropriations Committee

According to Politico, “Congress may finally be getting fed up with war on autopilot.”

While that opener may be wildly optimistic at this point, writers Bryan Bender and Jennifer Scholtes continued:

A powerful House committee voted unexpectedly Thursday to require Congress to debate and approve U.S. military action in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other far-flung countries — in a surprise victory for a longtime Democratic critic of the nearly two-decade-old war on terrorism.

The amendment from Rep. Barbara Lee of California — one of countless she has offered in recent years — is only a modest first step in getting Congress to update the authorization of military force that lawmakers adopted after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. But Thursday’s voice vote in the GOP-controlled Appropriations Committee is a symbolic move forward.

Even Republicans with military experience embraced Lee’s defense spending bill amendment, which would repeal the 2001 authorization. They noted that the anti-terror struggle has evolved markedly since the days when U.S. troops hunted Osama bin Laden in the mountains of Afghanistan, yet Congress has never debated and authorized the fight against newer extremist groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Members of the military “notice that we don’t have the courage to debate this and to give them the authority to go do this,” said Chris Stewart (R-Utah), who served in the Air Force and comes from a family of soldiers. “And I know that from my friends who are in the military right now.”

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Bolivian UN Rep Sacha Llorenti Blasts U.S. for Attacking Syria, Educates Nikki Haley on Iraq, UN & U.S. History

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley – president of the UN Security Council for the month of April – denied Bolivia’s urgent, early morning request for a closed session of the UNSC on Friday, April 7, and did so in a spectacularly public fashion, tweeting her reply:   pic.twitter.com/Tbch23H79T — Nikki Haley (@nikkihaley) April…

How progressives can still make change in the age of Trump

  by Sandra Waddock Things are not looking good for American progressives. President-elect Donald Trump is poised to put in place many regressive policies in his quest to “make America great again” that are fundamentally at odds with what are generally considered progressive values such as transparency, inclusiveness, equity, fairness and dignity for all. Examples…

The First 100 Day Resistance Agenda – Robert Reich

The First 100 Day Resistance Agenda by Robert Reich November 19, 2016 Trump’s First 100 Day agenda includes repealing environmental regulations, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank Act, giving the rich a huge tax cut, and much worse. Here’s the First 100 Day resistance agenda [with thanks to Alan Webber]: 1. Get Democrats in the Congress and across…