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Social Services

The St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters seek to nourish body and spirit by providing physical and emotional assistance, so that those who approach us in need can be helped. St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters service three client groups: low-income, homeless and the socially challenged

Physical hunger is a difficult problem. However - and more importantly - hunger is a symbol of the complexity of difficulties and challenges the poor and needy face in the societal sector. These difficulties and challenges are the root causes of hunger. St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters seeks to eradicate hunger at every level. Therefore, it must concern itself with the short-term goal of feeding the hungry and the long-term goal of eradicating the causes of hunger: unemployment, addiction, lack of entitlement programs, domestic violence, etc. Our senior clients, large families and ill clients need our supplemental food, clothing and emotional support for the long term, to ensure that they become independent.

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