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Kayaker Records Worrisome New Fish Die-Off on the Petaluma River

Petaluma kayaker Bruce Cohn has been documenting a growing and worrisome fish die-off on the upper Petaluma River.
Cohn created a YouTube channel recently and posted this video on Saturday, September 3 in an effort to raise awareness of the occurrence.
He writes:
“I have reported this situation over a month ago to the Mayor of Petaluma; David Glass, no help there, so I went to the “hot line” for fish kills in Calif and several agencies contacted me, I was told the city of Petaluma water Dept went out and took samples of the water and determined the fish died from the lack of oxygen in the water, I filmed that fish kill a few weeks ago, today it is several times worse and the dead fish are now located 1/4-1/2 mile downstream, I am not a professional in this field; however after paddling this area for over 7 years I have never seen this, as a foot note we pulled an empty 30 gallon container of Armor All paint sealant about 1/2 a mile from the main fish kill and Petaluma Auto Row is located just up stream.. that’s all the detective stuff I am going to reveal”