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Fortunate Farm: Visionary Carbon Farming from a Brewery’s Waste Stream

Published on Mar 23, 2016 by North Coast Brewing

http://northcoastbrewing.com – As a young farmer, Gowan Batist worked with the North Coast Brewing Company to establish a family farm with a focus on rotational grazing, composting, and heirloom vegetables. Learn about how Gowan is “carbon farming” by using the waste stream from the local brewery. (February 2016)

Blood & Mud, a Love Letter to Cross-Generational Farm Communities

Here’s a lovely valentine to community everywhere, and a great read from one of the more inspiring & innovative young farmers we’ve encountered in Northern California in recent years, Gowan Batist of Fortunate Farm in Caspar, California. Thanks to Gowan, Evan Wiig of the The Farmer’s Guild, and Janae Lloyd for the photography. Happy Valentine’s…