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Warning from my Future Self comic

Courtesy of The Sunflower Alliance:

In this 30-page comic book for both youth and adults,10-year-old Gabe Sanchez of East Oakland tells the story of how he and his grandfather time-travel 50 years into  the future.  His 60-year-old self tells him the story of how climate change has shaped his life: the superstorm that destroyed his home and livelihood, the collapse of California agriculture, and more. But 60-year-old Gabe also shows the many ways people today are fighting to stop fossil fuels and build a green economy. Gabe and Grandpa return to 2016 determined to join the movement for climate justice.

View or download the entire comic book in pdf.


Air Board Okays New Refinery Rules, But Does Not Block Tar Sands – East Bay Express

Jean Tepperman of the East Bay Express has the rundown on Tuesday’s Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) meeting. The BAAQMD’s web page is here, and the press release about the meeting is here or down below. You can find the meeting agenda, minutes and video here.   Air Board Okays New Refinery Rules, But…