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Time to Pardon Ethel Rosenberg – by Filmmaker John Sayles

John Sayles, the independent filmmaking genius behind Matewan, Eight Men Out, and Lone Star, posted this about Ethel Rosenberg recently. This is a historic injustice which President Barack Obama is uniquely well-positioned to at least partially correct with a presidential pardon. Grand jury testimony recently made public has now proven that Rosenberg’s brother lied on the…

A Haskell Wexler Share – Union Scene from Matewan

Haskell Wexler, February 6 1922 – December 27, 2015

In over half a century of extraordinary work in film, not to mention more than a little bit of raising hell, his work as Director of Photography on John Sayles’ masterpiece on union efforts to organize the West Virginia coal mines, Matewan, was among his very best.

Wexler posted this scene from Matewan to his YouTube account on July 9, 2012 with the following commentary:

“I just left the studio where John Sayles and I recorded a commentary for MATEWAN. In this scene, Chris Cooper, the organizer, talks union. I know we don’t mine coal, but you’ll hear plenty of ideas close to what a real union should be.”

Haskell Wexler Dead at 93: Legendary Cinematographer, Activist Captured the Struggles of Our Times