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Peasant agriculture is a true solution to the climate crisis – La Via Campesina call to action for COP21 in Paris

Peasant agriculture is a true solution to the climate crisis Published on Thursday, 03 September 2015 15:57 Climate disruptions this year have again caused widespread hunger, migration and the worsening of living conditions for millions of rural families, especially women and youth. While small farmers around the world continue to produce the food most people…

We Are La Via Campesina

From La Via Campesina, Aug. 19, 2015: We are happy to release a new Video by La Via Campesina, the international peasant movement, shot during the 2015 World Social Forum in Tunisia. In this video, men and women, leaders of La Via Campesina member organizations in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe share their struggles and fight for…

WhyHunger’s Introduction to Agroecology

WhyHunger’s new publication, Agroecology: Putting Food Sovereignty Into Action, is an attractive introduction to agroecological principles, concepts and practices, based largely upon the work of La Via Campesina and many other grassroots leaders and social movements.

It features a plethora of contributions from members of peasant and small-scale farmers’ groups from Guatemala, Haiti, Brazil, India, Mali, and the U.S. which detail their perspectives of the promise that agroecology holds for sustainable and fair local economies.


Agroecology: Putting Food Sovereignty Into Action

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