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Dredge the River: Welcome the Army Corps of Engineers to Petaluma Friday, August 2, 9:45 am at Petaluma Yacht Club, End of C Street

According to an urgent message we received from Petaluma Mayor Teresa Barrett, the locale to welcome the Army Corps of Engineers to Petaluma and present them with our Dredge Pledge petitions has been changed “due to the low tide and the high silt” to the Petaluma Yacht Club at the end of C Street, Friday,…

Kayaker Records Worrisome New Fish Die-Off on the Petaluma River

Petaluma kayaker Bruce Cohn has been documenting a growing and worrisome fish die-off on the upper Petaluma River.
Cohn created a YouTube channel recently and posted this video on Saturday, September 3 in an effort to raise awareness of the occurrence.
He writes:
“I have reported this situation over a month ago to the Mayor of Petaluma; David Glass, no help there, so I went to the “hot line” for fish kills in Calif and several agencies contacted me, I was told the city of Petaluma water Dept went out and took samples of the water and determined the fish died from the lack of oxygen in the water, I filmed that fish kill a few weeks ago, today it is several times worse and the dead fish are now located 1/4-1/2 mile downstream, I am not a professional in this field; however after paddling this area for over 7 years I have never seen this, as a foot note we pulled an empty 30 gallon container of Armor All paint sealant about 1/2 a mile from the main fish kill and Petaluma Auto Row is located just up stream.. that’s all the detective stuff I am going to reveal”