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Democratic Party on Life Support – Progressives Push for Reform Now

Is there hope for the Democratic Party? I believe so. I certainly hope so, as the alternatives appear terribly insignificant at the moment. Given the prospects, it’s probably smart to prepare alternative courses of action, in the event the Democrats are beyond resuscitation. Though I left the party after Bill Clinton steered it toward the…

Bernie Sanders Gives the Military Industrial Complex a Heads-Up: The Time for Change Has Arrived

Bernie Sanders Explains What a Progressive Foreign Policy & National Security Strategy Looks Like. The Annual Westminster College Green Foundation Lecture has been the site of many a well-known foreign policy presentation, including Winston Churchill’s 1946 “Iron Curtain” speech and Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1992 lecture on the end of the Cold War. Continue below the transcript…

What Does Climate Change Have to Do With Hunger in America?

via The Nation magazine – Published on Dec 14, 2015

On October 27, 2015, the Sacramento Public Library hosted a discussion in honor of The Nation’s 150th anniversary. In this recording, you’ll see Nation contributor Sasha Abramsky expose just how many Americans go hungry every day in a country that produces more food than any other. Nation environment correspondent Mark Hertsgaard unravels the myth of food scarcity in the face of climate change. Amber Stott, director of Sacramento’s Food Literacy Center reveals how malnutrition in our own backyards are making children susceptible to previously adult diseases. Chanowk Yisrael, founder of Yisrael Family Urban Farm, outlines his transition from the tech industry to urban agriculture, and the impact of gentrification on food deserts. Lesley McClurg, food and sustainability reporter for Capital Public Radio, moderates the conversation.

Silicon Valley’s Working Class Organizes For its Survival

Silicon Valley’s Wealth Gap, by Michelle Chen in The Nation. The tech hub is becoming completely unaffordable for the service employees who work there.   On Wednesday, scores of cafeteria workers marched outside Intel headquarters and disrupted Silicon Valley with a proletarian manifesto, calling for a union and “a Tech Economy that Works for Everyone.”…

The Climate Deal in Paris Is Nowhere Near Enough – Naomi Klein, The Nation

Published on Dec 12, 2015

The climate deal that has been negotiated at COP21 crossed multiple red lines: Scientific red lines, equity red lines, legal red lines, and more. The emissions targets outlined in the deal still amount to increases of 3 to 4 degrees Centigrade—an increase incompatible with organized civil society. So today, protesters came together in the center of Paris to say that the deal cannot be the end of our climate justice struggle. In this video dispatch, Naomi Klein outlines what has to come next.

Prioritize Democracy! Let’s Celebrate on Election Day 2016 – Join the Campaign to Make it a Federal Holiday

Demand a 2016 Election Day Holiday! Add your name President Obama, I urge you to use your authority to make the November 8th, 2016, Election Day a one-time federal holiday. As you know, our democracy is in crisis. Fewer than 40% of Americans voted in our last midterm election, and our overall turnout rarely breaks…