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How to Feed Ourselves in a Time of Climate Crisis

Courtesy of Yes! Magazine. Here are 13 of the best ideas for a just and sustainable food system, from saving seeds to curbing food waste. Raj Patel & Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz Sep 08, 2017 Changing the food system is the most important thing humans can do to fix our broken carbon cycles. Meanwhile, food security is…

The Surprising Ways You Consume Oil Every Day

A Yes! Magazine infographic, created by Peter Kalmus.

Dr. Peter Kalmus wrote this article for Life After Oil, the Spring 2016 issue of YES! Magazine. Peter is an atmospheric scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (speaking on his own behalf) and a contributing editor for YES! Magazine. This article draws on material from a forthcoming book about our interconnected ecological predicament. A working draft is available to read here.

Surprising Ways You Use Oil


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If There Are No New Farmers, Who Will Grow Our Food?

As the long age of oil concludes, and the sustainable food and ag movement attempts to create a resilient, lasting agricultural system that will sustain future generations, we’re faced with a daunting challenge. Our farmers are aging rapidly, there’s little support for younger farmers entering the field, and few incentives. The timing of this demographic…