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Case Studies in Propaganda: Palestinians and the Great March of Return 2018 – Corporate Press Render Israeli Murder of Palestinian Protesters a Passive, Unattributable Act

“If you’ve been noticing the headlines about Israeli forces killing Palestinian protesters that seem carefully designed to avoid mentioning who’s doing the killing, you may be wondering: Is that how media always do it? The answer is no: Journalists know very well how to include the identity of the killers in the headline—when they think…

Besieged: The Economic Impact of the Israeli Siege & the Collective Punishment of Palestinians

Israel destroyed Gaza’s airport in 2001 and its seaport in 2002. While Palestinian exports are barred, its imports are heavily restricted. Israel prevents Gaza fishermen from venturing further from shore, where larger schools of fish are to be found, and has killed 5, wounded 25 fishermen since 2007. Israeli companies benefit from a monopoly on goods sold to Gaza, making $375 million in 2012, the last year for which data was available. Infographic courtesy of Visualizing Palestine.

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Short Walk Home, Long Walk to Freedom

For seventy years, Israeli violence has permeated every aspect of Palestinians’ lives. Once again, Palestinians are resisting This excellent Visualizing Palestine graphic vastly undercounts the dead after yesterday’s massacre of Gaza protesters, but it remains an effective visualization – many Gaza residents are not far from the land they called home, and have the right to…