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The Suspicions of Laymen Have Never Been Answered by the Press – George Seldes

The suspicions of laymen have never been answered by the press. Newspapers, upholding the right of criticism as a road to freedom, oppose all criticism of themselves….like kings, [they] pretend they can do no wrong. I wish they were right. – Journalist and George Seldes, writing in Freedom of the Press in early 1935. By…

Safeway Gas Project’s BAAQMD Permit ‘No Longer Complies with Current Law’ – Sierra Club

The Sonoma County chapter of the Sierra Club last week mailed a letter to the Petaluma City Council that suggested the Safeway gas station project on its September 17 agenda should, at a minimum, be delayed so that a formal Environmental Impact Report could be developed due to the possible invalidity of its 2013 Bay Area Air Quality Management District permit under current law. Visit Oppose Petaluma Safeway Gas for more information on this project.

Take the Gas or Else – If Corporations are People, What Manner of Citizen is Petaluma Safeway?

Corporation repeatedly threatens litigation to compel the City of Petaluma to permit construction of a glaring environmental injustice next to a preschool for the purpose of corporate profit City Council on the verge of approving an exclusive gift to Safeway and its corporate parent, Cerberus Capital Management Bauer and Wolpert stand up for the Petaluma…