New Petaluma City Council Convenes This Evening – January 4, 2020 at 6:45 pm

A new Petaluma City Council convenes this evening, Monday, January 4, 2020, with the public session scheduled to begin at 6:45 pm. You can view the evening’s agenda here. This meeting will occur remotely, as has been the case since the beginning of the coronavirus in March of 2020 per state and county orders. You can join the meeting online via Zoom by following this link: For Comcast cable subscribers you can watch the meeting live courtesy of Petaluma Community Access on channel 28. 

All members of the Petaluma City Council, the City Clerk and other city staff will be joining the meeting remotely as well.

Opportunities for public comment are provided on several occasions during Council meetings. You may send comments to be shared with the entire council to:, though ideally you should do so well before the meeting, as City Clerk Kendall Rose has a perpetually overflowing plate. Try the day before if possible. Contact information for Mayor Teresa Barrett and individual Councilmembers can be found on the city’s website here and email addresses are below as well. 

For comment on subjects not on the agenda, look for the call for General Public Comment after the swearing in of newly elected Councilmembers Dennis Pocekay and Brian Barnacle and Petaluma’s returning elder statesman, the recently re-elected Mike Healy. This will occur shortly after the beginning of the meeting. Check the agenda for the specific timing.

For comment on specific agenda items, you must pay attention to the call for public comment as those agenda items are discussed. This typically, but not always, occurs after those agenda items have been discussed by the Council.

Of particular interest on this evening’s agenda will be Unfinished Business item 4A, a discussion of a proposed alternative housing compliance method related to the Hines Downtown Station Project. 

The swearing in of new Councilmembers Pocekay and Barnacle is an exciting turn of events for Petaluma progressives, who have for years been arguing for more public interest-oriented representation on the Council than the purportedly liberal Democratic trio of Mike Healy and the recently defeated Kathy Miller and Gabe Kearney were capable of providing. Pocekay is finally getting an opportunity to serve on the Council after losing in a previous campaign, and Barnacle will finally have the opportunity to provide more influence over policy than his frequent 3 minute commentary (the time typically allowed for individual commentary) has allowed. After stoking ludicrous fears of the radical left’s special interest agenda on the recent campaign trail, progressives will likely enjoy watching Red-baiting Councilmembers Healy and Dave King make nice and work together with their fellow public servants to address the numerous challenges the City of Petaluma faces. It will also be interesting to see what “rigid ideology” new Councilmembers display, another fear of the radical left propagated by the editorial writers of the Petaluma Argus-Courier. 

Mayor Teresa Barrett

Vice Mayor Brian Barnacle

D’Lynda Fischer

Mike Healy

Dave King

Kevin McDonnell

Dennis Pocekay

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