Climate Change

Fortunate Farm: Visionary Carbon Farming from a Brewery’s Waste Stream

Published on Mar 23, 2016 by North Coast Brewing – As a young farmer, Gowan Batist worked with the North Coast Brewing Company to establish a family farm with a focus on rotational grazing, composting, and heirloom vegetables. Learn about how Gowan is “carbon farming” by using the waste stream from the local brewery. (February 2016)

What Does Climate Change Have to Do With Hunger in America?

via The Nation magazine – Published on Dec 14, 2015

On October 27, 2015, the Sacramento Public Library hosted a discussion in honor of The Nation’s 150th anniversary. In this recording, you’ll see Nation contributor Sasha Abramsky expose just how many Americans go hungry every day in a country that produces more food than any other. Nation environment correspondent Mark Hertsgaard unravels the myth of food scarcity in the face of climate change. Amber Stott, director of Sacramento’s Food Literacy Center reveals how malnutrition in our own backyards are making children susceptible to previously adult diseases. Chanowk Yisrael, founder of Yisrael Family Urban Farm, outlines his transition from the tech industry to urban agriculture, and the impact of gentrification on food deserts. Lesley McClurg, food and sustainability reporter for Capital Public Radio, moderates the conversation.

It’s All About the Soil – Lappé, Donlon & Dimock at Green String Farm March 20

Here’s a must-attend event sponsored by Slow Food Russian River for those interested in how we invest in our soils, our farmers, mitigate the effects of climate change and create a truly sustainable food & ag system. Sunday, March 20, 11am – 3pm Green String Farm, 3571 Old Adobe Road, Petaluma, CA Slow Food Russian…

Warning from my Future Self comic

Courtesy of The Sunflower Alliance:

In this 30-page comic book for both youth and adults,10-year-old Gabe Sanchez of East Oakland tells the story of how he and his grandfather time-travel 50 years into  the future.  His 60-year-old self tells him the story of how climate change has shaped his life: the superstorm that destroyed his home and livelihood, the collapse of California agriculture, and more. But 60-year-old Gabe also shows the many ways people today are fighting to stop fossil fuels and build a green economy. Gabe and Grandpa return to 2016 determined to join the movement for climate justice.

View or download the entire comic book in pdf.


California’s Grand Plan to Fight Climate Change on the Farm – Ariana Reguzzoni at Civil Eats

RR is thrilled to find longtime friend of Petaluma Bounty, local sustainable ag systems advocate, and co-owner of Chica Bloom flower farm, Ariana Reguzzoni, writing the pages of the Press Democrat, the Argus-Courier and elsewhere of late. In this Civil Eats piece she touches upon the ways California is seeking to both secure a sustainable…

Jerry Brown’s Loving Embrace of Oil & Gas Industry – ‘Climate Leadership’ Post-COP21

While exceedingly eager to accept credit for California’s climate leadership at the recent COP21 talks in Paris, Governor Jerry Brown’s actual record on climate policy has been considerably less appealing to climate activists than one might realize by reading and watching the mainstream press. Here are a few news items that observers of California’s climate policy…

Press Release: Jury in Delta 5 Climate Case Splits Decision, Shares Sympathy With Protesters

Press Release: Jury in Delta 5 Climate Case Splits Decision, Shares Sympathy With Protesters POSTED BY CLIMATE DISOBEDIENCE 15SC ON JANUARY 15, 2016 For Immediate Release: Jury in Delta 5 Climate Case Splits Decision, Shares Sympathy With Protesters Contact Ahmed Gaya 773-960-2587, [email protected] January 15, 2016 Lynnwood, WA – The historic case of the ‘Delta…