Racial Justice

End Corporate Sponsored Environmental Racism in Petaluma – Shame on Safeway! Fossil Fuels Need to Remain in the Ground

It remains a shock to many of us that it is still possible to build a new gasoline station in 2019, when we really should have already stopped burning the stuff if we wish for humanity and other living creatures to survive on Planet Earth. That we would allow one to be constructed across the…

John Nichols of The Nation on Elizabeth Warren’s Black Lives Matter Speech

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Black Lives Matter. Black Citizens Matter. Black Families Matter.’ In a landmark speech, Warren proposes a progressive politics that protects black people from violence, ensures access to the ballot box, and builds economic opportunity. Read it at The Nation. Watch Elizabeth Warren’s presentation or read the transcript.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Gives a Passionate Call for Economic & Racial Justice

  BOSTON, MA – United States Senator Elizabeth Warren delivered remarks today at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, as part of the Institute’s “Getting to the Point” speaker series. A PDF copy of the remarks is available here, and the full text is below, as prepared for delivery: Senator Elizabeth Warren…