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Food For Thought
We hear a lot of talk these days about "getting back to normal," but the pandemic isn’t over for everyone. A lot of people are worried about underlying conditions. They’re figuring out childcare or eldercare as they finally begin to leave the house for work, for school, for whatever.

The pandemic also made us realize that normal isn’t good enough. Normal left the community so fragile that within a paycheck’s worth of time, the food pantries and facilities in our network were inundated with need. They were called on to feed, clothe and help record numbers of people.

And while our lines may be starting to shrink, just going back to pre-pandemic levels still means tens of thousands of people need help every week with food and other necessities...people who are just a crisis away from disaster. Not to mention the financial effects of COVID are going to be long-lasting

It's always important for us to remember our mission. St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters was established to remedy the physical and emotional hunger of the poor and needy in a dignified and supportive manner.

We look forward to a wonderful year ahead filled with exciting new volunteers/supporters, projects, milestones, and much more. Remember: YOU make it all possible with your support and commitment to our mission.

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