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Food For Thought
Macy’s has been a great partner to St Francis throughout the years. During the month of March, a program at Macy's lets customers donate their change and join the fight against hunger in New York City.

During the 2021 Bag Hunger campaign, you can support St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters as Macy’s invites their customers to join them in giving back. At the pin pad during checkout, customers can take the opportunity to “Make Good Cents” and voluntarily round their purchase up to the nearest dollar.

For example, a customer whose purchase is $43.21 could round up their total to $44 and donate the 79 cents to St. Francis Food Pantries, which ensure the monetary donations stay local.

The request to donate will be made via the pin pad at every Macy's register and will clearly state St. Francis’ name as a choice of beneficiary.

We'd like to thank Macy's - a long-time friend of St. Francis - for their continued support and commitment.

And we hope to see YOU at a Macy's this month!